FX loan arrangements from legal perspective

Interview partner Dr. Szilvia Drimál, Drimál Law Office

1. How the legislation changes on FX-loans are reshaping the legal industry?

In no way. Lawyers are seeking the legal breaches, those legal arguments on the basis of which FX-loan agreements may be contested even after the recent legislation changes. The volume of the FX-loan lawsuits is not such that could cause a real reshaping.

2. Many law firms have received requests from unsatisfied clients bearing the damaging consequences related to exchange-rate fluctuations in recent years, from the State in order to litigate banks and the other way around. Which side of your law firm has taken? Why?

Those law firms which represented the State or the banks in the legal actions against each other came from a small group. All the other law firms have the possibility to be contacted by the desperate debtors who need help and advice to solve their crucial problems caused by FX-loans. I am one of these attorneys.


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