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It is more efficient and cheaper to build on well considered plans than correct mistakes at a later stage

If only I had thought about this when I decided on

founding a new company
purchasing real estate
concluding a contract
setting up the company structure
signing employment contracts
or their termination…

Have you ever had similar ideas?

If only... but you did not. Why would you have thought of it as you are an economist, engineer, doctor, merchant, teacher, research worker, carpenter, turner or some other professional, but not a practising attorney. Situations emerge in the life of every company or individual when it is necessary to be aware of legal opportunities and consequences in order to make the right decision. No matter what kind of enterprise you have, it is essential already at the beginning to carry out proper tax planning and optimisation, produce template contracts for the daily company business, review agreement drafts prepared by partners, to avoid obligations that are not necessary or not in your interest; and to be able to enforce agreements at a later stage when partners possibly do not follow agreements concluded. Importantly, it is useful for operating companies as well to carry out regular housekeeping regarding legal matters before authorities find the inadequate solutions.

Is it expensive to assign a lawyer for such tasks? It depends. In general it is significantly cheaper to have a lawyer plan and execute solutions in cooperation with executives, bookkeepers and payroll specialists than to pay fines imposed by the relevant authorities. The expense of the legal expert can be dwarfed by the income or cost saving that can be generated by well-planned and elaborated legal construction. At the same time for us, attorneys it is always a much greater professional pleasure to plan and build instead of trying to save the day in a quick and maybe disorganised way.

Is it worth to assign a lawyer? It is definitely worth to assign a good lawyer for a well elaborated target.

Try it for example when

you register your next company
you purchase your next real estate
you conclude a new contract
you (re)develop your company structure
you sign an employment contract
or even terminate one…